How does the Day/Night Roller Shades work?

The MCD American Duo® Day/Night Roller Shades are a two shade arrangement. The Day shade uses the exclusive MCD Clearview™ Solar Screen material for clear vision out, daytime privacy and heat regulation; the night shade is a blackout shade, blocking any sunlight coming in. The two window shades in the MCD Duo® roller shade system can be manual, motorized (switch or remote), or one shade can be powered with the other shade manual.

The MCD Solo® Shade is a single roller shade with YOUR CHOICE of either the MCD Clearview™ OR one of our 100% light blocking fabrics. Either MCD Solo roller shade can also be manual or powered.

MCD manual shades utilize MCD's proprietary GlideRise IV™ technology. This exclusive technology enables the user to touch-and-release the shade and it will slowly retract and gently stop at a predetermined height. Powered shades require a 12V DC power source and you can choose between either switch or remote control operation. Switch motors are typically used for the windshield where existing power visor switches can be utilized. Remote controlled window shades can be operated with either of our 2-channel or 15-channel remotes. Installations of our MCD Roller Shades allow you to operate each shade individually, as well as allowing multiple shades, such as all night shades, to open and close with the touch of a single button.

How much space do the MCD Day/Night Roller Shades need?

The brackets and rollers for a Duo shade take up a 2"x4.5" high or for a Solo Roller Shade 2"x2.5" high. Most valances will accept the window shades without any modification. Depending on your particular valance design, there may be instances where the shade's bottom hem rail and a little of the shade material may show. However, the overall appearance is still very pleasing.

Can I install my MCD Roller Shades myself?

Depending on your comfort level and ability, yes, you may be able to perform your own installation of the day/night RV Window Shades on your own. The windows in most living areas can easily be fitted by taking down the existing valance, removing the existing shade and hardware, then installing our mounting clips and shade, and finally reinstalling the valance. However, we strongly recommend that the cockpit area window shades be installed by trained personnel either at the MCD facility in McKinney, TX or at one of our authorized dealers around the country. The measuring and installation in the cockpit are far more involved than the living areas. Anyone considering installing their own cockpit shades should call and speak with one of our technicians to determine if it is something they will feel comfortable doing.

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Where can I get my MCD Day/Night Window Shades installed?

The MCD Day/Night Shades can be installed at MCD's facilities located in McKinney, Texas, or by any of the locations listed on the certified shade dealers list.

What do they cost?

Shades are priced according to size. You will find more information and a price chart on our website. The shades are custom built to the size ordered. Processed custom orders cannot be canceled, returned, or refunded.

How do I measure and place my order?

To measure the living area windows, measure the width and height of the INSIDE of the valance. We need the clearance width and height to determine the correct size shade. It is best that we maximize the shade size in order to block the most heat and sunlight. See our how to measure guide for more information.

What colors are available?

There are a number of color/fabric/pattern swatches to view online. You can either take a look at them on our MCD Duo page or order a complete assortment of swatch samples from us. There are multiple neutral colored patterned vinyl fabrics, as well as a variety of upgrade polyester fabrics to choose from. All fabrics are 100% light-blocking and easy to clean.

How long does it take to get them?

Once your order is placed and we have all necessary measurements, it typically takes two to three weeks to receive your shades. Customers visiting our facilities in McKinney, Texas, should first make an appointment. We will make certain that all materials are on hand when you arrive at your scheduled time. See below for more information, but if you have your American Roller Shades installed at MCD's facilities, you can enjoy full hookup and stay in your motorhome while we install and finish out your retrofit in less than five business days.

How do I clean my MCD Day/Night Roller Shades?

To clean the Day Shades solar screen material, you can use a sponge or soft brush and water to remove dust and most stains. A mild, diluted cleaning solution can be used to remove tougher stains; rinse with water after cleaning. Use a towel behind the screen as you clean with a sponge or brush to reduce spatter. The vinyl or fabric materials (Night Shades) will clean up nicely with any mild, diluted cleaning solution using a sponge or paper towel. Wipe down with water after cleaning. The suede or woven upgrade materials have been Teflon treated and should clean with a damp sponge. For stubborn stains, a Woolite type upholstery cleaner may be used as directed.

How long will it take for MCD to put shades in my coach?

For living area retrofits, you should allow a total of three business days. If you include the cockpit area, four to five business days are standard. For optimal service at MCD's facilities in McKinney, Texas (a Dallas suburb), you must make your appointment in advance. Depending on our workload, we will try to accommodate your arrival date request.

On the first day, measurements are taken, a firm quote is provided, and your order is placed into production. On the second day, your shades are produced and installation begins. Installations typically take three to four days to complete if your shades are all manual; power shades normally take an additional day. Most installations are completed in less than five working days, but there may be extraordinary circumstances that may cause you to have to stay with us an extra day.

Does MCD do installations?

Yes, MCD technicians do hundreds of installations a year; many shade installations are done 51 weeks of the year at our facility in McKinney, Texas. MCD has twelve motorhome sites with 50amp power. When arriving at the factory, please be sure your water tank is full and your gray and black tanks are empty, there are currently NO dump facilities at our location. MCD does provide wireless internet for your use, as well as a patio area with chairs, a table and an umbrella for the use of our customers. We have a limited number of sites, please call to make an appointment, there is no charge for the sites.

Are MCD products covered by a warranty?

All MCD products come with a one-year limited warranty which provides the first retail purchaser protection against any defects in materials and workmanship. Please take a look at our warranty for more information.

What colors are available for MCD Solar/Privacy Day Shades?

MCD's Solar Day Shades are only available in our groundbreaking Clearview II™ Black fabric. Black is the best solar screen color choice due to its inherent properties which provide the highest degree of heat/UV protection. It also provides a higher degree of privacy and superior outward visibility when compared to any other color of the solar screen. As many people are aware, MCD Black Clearview II™ Sun Screen, as developed for the RV market, is unlike any other shade fabric in the world. MCD created a unique, proprietary coating process that reduces glare far more than any other material. If heat and UV protection with clear outward visibility is of primary importance, MCD black Clearview II™ Solar Shade is for you.

How do I order MCD products?

You can order directly from MCD or contact any of our MCD Dealers.

Will you be at any upcoming rallies?

You can check the rallies section of this site for a schedule of upcoming rallies that MCD will be attending or contact MCD for the most current information. Hope to see you at an upcoming event!

What credit cards do you accept?

MCD accepts cash, personal or business checks, traveler's checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

What if I have more questions?

MCD has sales and tech support available to you during our regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm central time or you can Contact Us directly.

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