IMPORTANT: To prevent accidental damage to fabric, DO NOT open or cut the packaging around your shade with a utility knife or razor blade.


Install Mounting Clips

Install the mounting clips to the wall or window frame, with the outermost clips mounted within two inches from the end of the shade assembly. Mounting clip tabs should be located facing away from the window. On wide shades, space the additional mounting clips at equal intervals.

Install Shade Assembly

Center the shade assembly, check for proper orientation and attach to the mounting clips. The shade assembly is mounted to the clips by placing the outside edge of the mounting rail into the clips and rotating the shade toward the clip tabs to firmly and solidly snap the mounting rail into place.

Pull Chain

Mounting the Brackets

Attach the brackets to the window frame, window molding, wall or ceiling. Please note the location of the clutch and idler and install brackets accordingly.

Install the Shade
  • Push the clutch straight onto the flat tab of its bracket. The bottom of the clutch should always point straight down.
  • With the clutch end secured onto the bracket tab press in the spring loaded pin end of the idler, position the shade and slide forward into the round hole of the idler bracket. The gap between the idler and the idler bracket should not exceed 1/8”.
Install the Chain Guide

Attach the guide that is included with the shade onto the chain and securely anchor the guide onto the window frame or wall.

  • Position the chain guide on the window frame or the wall so neither it nor the chain interferes with raising or lowering the shade. The chain guide should be installed without stretching or pulling down on the chain. Putting tension on the chain will cause excessive wear. If using stop balls, position the chain guide 1/4” up, to allow the stop ball to pass through the chain guide.
  • Holding the chain guide upright and in position, insert and secure the screws through the holes. Important: Use wall anchors if the mounting screws are not secured into a wood stud. For metal surfaces, use sheet metal screws.
Use the Control Chain to Operate the Shade

Using the chain loop, lower the window shade to its full drop/closed position. Raise the shade slowly and observe how the fabric winds on the roll. If you notice the material winds unevenly and begins to track or telescope to one side check to ensure that the shade is level.

Attach Stops to the Chain Loop

On the chain, attach the included plastic stop-ball so that it touches the mouth of the clutch when the shade is in the all-rolled-up position. Lower the shade to the sill or floor height and attach the appropriate plastic stop-ball next to the clutch. Attaching stop-balls prevents the shade from being raised or lowered beyond that determined point.

Check the following to ensure proper operation of the shade:

  • If the shade is not level, shim or reinstall the brackets. Operating a shade that is not level will result in damage to the material.
  • Proper operation requires clearance around all sides of the shade in the upper position. The roller shade should not be rubbing on anything when it is in the upper position nor when it is being raised or lowered.
  • The shade should not bind to anything throughout its entire range of travel.

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